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Taris lay on the bed and outstretched his hands to the headboard. Do it, bind me. Just dont go away.
You wouldnt be afraid of that, would you? Kalisha stalled at his terrified, wide-open eyes. I take it back. Youre scared as if you were thrown out of the goddesss womb.
Right. He swallowed drily while she tied the knots. I dont know if I will ever stand being in bondage again. Well, once I was really good at that.
Dont doubt it. Kalisha opened his shirt and slipped her finger under the cloth. Youre good to touch. So soft and warm.
Should that be said about a semency?
Hey, stud, youre a womans fantasy. Youre everything. Her hand played lazily on his belly to slip between the pants and the loincloth. His member was as flaccid as it could be, but Kalisha didnt show disappointment. Shall I tie your ankles, too?
I feel vulnerable already.
Thats a no then. She played with his balls, hoping to distract him from the rope. Do you know that you top the list of what our women want from a man?
Truly not that hes scared witless by a rope around his wrists.
Kalisha ignored his sarcasm. The looks are first. Tall, handsome, strong. They want their children to be strong and healthy, you know. And while healthy tops the gender, strong, intelligent and righteous are the next characteristics. She shrugged, still caressing his length. They want you. I bet your farima could take bookings for you every day.
And Id go nuts in no time. Taris closed his eyes to concentrate on Kalishas fondling. He wanted to be aroused. He wanted to shed the evil memory of Termatir. Her vicious, relentless revenge had crippled him more than he had first wanted to admit. His failure with the women had proven different. The day Dasha had freed him from the chastity device, he had trembled because of fear, but also because Liliana had bound him so tight to the gurney he couldnt move. My hearts in my throat already, Kalisha, release me.
Relax, Taris, this is good for you. And no womans gonna hurt you. They want to love you. They want you to make love to them, have children. Taris shuddered. Sshh, dont fear me. Dont fear being helpless. Its arousing, not threatening. Imagine the woman going down on you… She flipped back the loincloth to kiss his cock. And licking and tasting you. Imagine her hot, sweaty skin on yours, pressing herself against you. Taris swallowed and started panting.
Kalisha opened his pants and slowly pulled them down. He lifted his butt to help. Imagine her shallow breath and her urging into your ear to go on. She gently pulled apart his legs and caressed his thighs with both hands. Imagine her going down on you again like that. She ran her tongue up and down his shaft, relieved to see it grow to its full length. And then when you think you can take no more, she tickles you. Kalisha took great pleasure in playing her tongue on his glans.
Oh, please…
Nah, that is just the beginning of her game with you, because she wants you hot and eager. Kalisha put a loop of rope around his ankles and connected them loosely with the foot end. Taris made a sound, but didnt order her to take the rope off. She wants to make this a night you wont forget. And later she will remember that you gave her the best you had to give. Freely. Relentlessly. You have something for her to cherish. Taris lifted his buttocks to get more of her teasing tongue. He breathed shallowly now. His eyes were still closed, his lips parted. His chest heaved. The muscles of his belly tensed as she caressed the soft skin around his testicles. Youre so utterly adorable, Taris. She shed her blouse and touched his belly with her breasts. He moaned loudly. Kalisha grinned with satisfaction then returned to fondling his cock and thick balls.
Please, take me.
My pleasure, Taris, thats all I wanted to hear.

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