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Living for the Act
Book One

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The room was lavishly furnished with a large, broad bed made of carved wood, lushly covered with light brown blankets. It was cool to his careful touch. There were couches, chairs, a small table and a cupboard and even an oversized bathtub. A pleasant smell rose from the different small bowls filled with dried flowers. The light was dim, almost like sunset, and his eyes still saw every detail clearly.
Ferris smiled bashfully. The scientist had quite a taste.
Mysan entered, closed the door behind her and exhaled with pure bliss. She smiled, so satisfied to have come here that she did not know what to say.
All thoughts, including his mind, reason and twenty-five years of experience as a man, vanished from Ferris's brain. He almost forgot to breathe and could not help but gape at Mysan. He had judged her a beauty upon first sight, but in a nice nothing of underwear, all lace and black and half transparent like a thin cloud, she took his breath away and made his knees buckle.
“You look… surprised.” Her husky voice was too much.
Ferris took a quavering breath and slowly shook his head.
“You mean, you're appalled at my ugliness.”
“Oh, but no, I…”
“Just kidding.” She got closer. She had looked forward to that moment and chosen her outfit deliberately to stun him. How wonderfully it worked! Mysan put her hands on his shoulders and stole a kiss from his still parted lips. He felt so warm and smooth under her fingers it was amazing.

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