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For the love of Jazmin

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Nine years ago Jazmin brought a Colombian drug lord to justice. His son, Raoul, finds out where she lives and kidnaps her husband, Ethan, knowing she won’t deny his invitation. When Jazmin walks into Raoul’s lair, she doesn’t know if she can save her husband and herself, or if they will both die trying to escape the schizophrenic criminal, who is determined to play off one against the other.

For the love of Jazmin
Published by eXtasy Books
Copyright © 2015 Ann Raina
ISBN: 978-1-4874-0528-1
Cover art by Carmen Waters


Copyright of all excerpts, blurbs and promotional texts by Ann Raina

– Ethan at the hands of his captor --

“Ah, finally you’re up on your feet again!” Ethan turned around to find Raoul performing dance steps toward the cell. He wore an expensive dress shirt in a deep, shimmering red, black slacks and polished shoes. A large golden watch glittered at his left wrist and his golden rings were showy. He looked like an entertainer on a Las Vegas night show. “And you found the little snack. Very well. Did you like the cheese bread? I have a cook baking these for me twice a week. Does Isabel bake them for you at home?”
Ethan swallowed the last of the water and put down the cup. “Isabel?”
Raoul clicked his tongue. “Isabel. Or Jazmin. I like both names. Did she choose the new one? I’m curious.” He got closer, frowning. “Did you know who she had been when you did her the first time?”
Ethan wanted to smash the man’s face and trample on his body. The image was strong enough to make him pant. He forced his emotions back, unwilling to give his foe the satisfaction of seeing him angry. He stood tall and upright at the bars, but refrained from holding on to them.
“No. And when she told me it didn’t change anything.”
“Ah, the ultimate American gentleman.” Raoul ran a hand across his chin, smoothing the short cropped beard that didn’t need smoothing. “No hard feelings because she had lied to you big time?”
“Cool. I don’t think my generosity would’ve reached so far.” He pulled a dark blue pair of sport pants from a chair nearby and walked over to the bars. “Here. Don’t want you to run around in your snazzy underwear the whole time. This should fit you and—”
Ethan pulled the pants and the man’s arm through the bars so quickly Raoul hadn’t seen it coming. He crashed with his temple and cheekbone against the bars hard enough that it clanked. He cried out. Ethan had his right hand around Raoul’s neck and throttled him. It was satisfying to see fright in the drug lord’s eyes. He increased pressure on the man’s Adam apple and bent his arm in the wrong direction. Ethan’s bass voice resounded from the wall behind.
“Don’t treat me like a toy!”

For the Love of Jazmin
Copyright © 2015 Ann Raina
ISBN: 978-1-4874-0528-1
Cover art by Carmen Waters

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