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Sometimes you just need a touch to be seduced.
Once hired by the Mawanies, Kianto is a servant for love and lust. Yet the alien rule contains more than meets the eye. Will Kianto solve the mystery and find his love for life?

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Sariti came to him like a shy animal that feared to be cast out. Kianto cocked his head, smiling amiably. She made sure they were alone and, after dropping her skirt and sash, stepped into the shallow pool where Kianto took his bath.

“You seemed distracted today,” Kiantowhispered when she stretched and sighed with delight. “Has anything been amiss?”

“You were marvelous as ever,” she replied with eyes closed. Her long hair floated behind her. She relaxed in the warm water where only her small, firm breasts surfaced. The nipples stood out prominently and Kianto could not help but kiss them.

At once, Sariti sat up straight and checked if they were still alone.

“Don’t do that in here.”

“Why are you afraid?” His kept his voice soft and warm, meant to seduce. He felt drawn to Sariti, though they had had their share of lovemaking just an hour ago. “They want us to mate, don’t they?”

"Not here. Not like this where they can’t watch us.” Sariti’s brown eyes were big and wonderful to look at.

Kianto felt the urge to hug and kiss her and take her just for the delight of both of them.

“They always want to watch? Why didn’t you kiss me then? It’s about as intimate as an act of love can be.”

Sariti sighed. Her fingers played in Kianto’s thick hair and traced his cheeks.

“It is our duty to perform for them. Like other servants clean up or mop the floor. We are not allowed to do each other without them.” “And kissing?”

“Donego always says they don’t want to see us kiss and—”

Kianto kissed her tenderly. Her lips were soft and wet and when she did not stop him, the kiss became fierce and full of longing. His cock rose to the occasion and before both had time for a coherent thought, they were linked as lovers, still kissing, still hardly breathing.

How to Please an Alien
Copyright © 2013 Ann Raina
ISBN: 978-1-77111-472-1
Cover art by Angela Waters

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