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When people ask me how I started writing, I cannot truly tell how the story started or what made me write this story instead of another.

First, my way of writing is hardly influenced by daily news, international affairs or political background. Sometimes a movie or a TV series gives me a hint, a direction for my thoughts and dreams and I come up with an idea.

Yet, the idea alone is nothing without the proper male and female main character. So the idea grows into a storyline with at least two persons in mind. Those characters need looks and background, a family, home, people they like, work and business.

The fun part for me has always been brainstorming. I like to sit with a fellow friend and a cup of great coffee and chat about the ways the story should take and throw away those ideas which don’t fit. Often, we laugh our butts off about silly turns and twists, but in the end the basic story is born. And I can start to flesh out characters, scenes, settings and else. Many difficulties will show up during that process, but in general a solution is found. Yes, sometimes characters take a right turn when I wanted a left, but, hey, either I catch him in time or I follow him that way and see where he leads me. Usually, a character has his reasons leaving the main part of the story…

I am lucky enough to say that my fellow friend has always followed my train of thought, has never wavered and has never been shocked by the ideas I offered. She’s been constantly constructive, always honest and the most joyful partner in crime a woman like me can call a friend.

If you have questions about writing, contact me. I’ll be happy to answer them.

If you have questions, please, send me an email. ( )

Blog January / February 2015

My latest Science Fiction erotic novel will be released by eXtasy Books in February. Cover design is on the way, editing almost done. I really look forward to this one—it was fun in the making. It took me longer to write, though, because my time for writing was short the last months. Work got in the writing way, some private issues had to be solved, and there were other things colliding with my wish to sit down and write.
I write a new novel, but so far I lack the quintessence both in characters and story. The second plot point is still missing and my muse and I have not come up with a solution. So the work rests. I wrote a shorter story in between, but this one, too, needs some editing and maybe a re-write here and there.
But nothing to worry about—I’m not going to stop writing. It’s too much a part of my life to quit.

Blog April 2015

Sometimes it’s fun to return to an old novel and read it with the distance of the years since its completion. I had a re-encounter with Freedom in Chains, the first book I published at eXtasy Books. The images were still there, the visions I had when I took down the words. And I remember the afternoons I spent with my muse in the kitchen with coffee and cookies. We talked about the details, always careful that her too young kids didn’t hear about the very adult contents. It was a fun time.

And here we are again. I showed up with a new idea (hey, some books were published in the meantime!) and she sat down with me, eager and full of good ideas. We laughed a lot yesterday as the plotline took shape. I took my handwritten notes and quickly established a timeline and character overview on my computer at home to not forget a detail. At night, I had some more ideas and added them up in the morning. The first pages are already written, a funny introduction of the couple and their way of life. It wouldn’t be a story worth telling if there were no obstacles ahead. And there will be action, adventure and some tragedy to master before the end. The words just flow and I enhance that with watching some favorite movies and episodes from TV series I haven’t watched for a long time. I’m in the mood to sit down and write all day. Alas, there’re some things more to do. So I can be happy, I think, to write about 5.000 words a day.

Next week, there’ll be another meeting with my muse to smoothen scenes which didn’t work easily in the first place or clear up details that showed up during the writing process. Yes, I’m a very happy camper these days.

Blog June till September 2015

The summer brought me four stories. That’s amazing. I’ve never written this much before and, alas, the blog had been out of sight for this time.
I finished The Secretary’s Bodyguard, about which I reported in my April blog. Then came rather quickly For the Love of Jazmin, a book that was written in twelve weeks. On the way the idea for a third novel with the same couple came up and has been finished (not yet re-read) in the meantime. While the first two books played in Colombia, the third one takes the couple to the Caribbean Islands and on a boat trip gone wonky.
Aside from these stories there are two more Science Fiction stories waiting to be accomplished. I began writing them in between, but had to put them on hold when the plots with the couple took shape and demanded more attention. So right now I busily re-read and continue the stories and hope to get them finished this year.
I wished to have another thrilling plot for the couple. They’ve become friends on the way of writing and I really like their relationship that survives the heartaches and the dangers.
Book one will be published in November by eXtasy Books and the second book will follow soon. The covers have already been done and I’m really happy about Carmen Waters’ work.
Cross your fingers that in spite of working I will have time to write and check the books still waiting in the line.

Blog October until December 2015

The Secretarys Bodyguard made it to the virtual bookshelves a tad earlier than expected. For the Love of Jazmin followed in December. Im very happy with both books and got nice comments from the editors about plot development and characters. The third part A Bodyguards Vacation is in editing this month.

Theres a character interview on Starla Kayes website.
ll find it here:

And the first chapter of The Secretarys Bodyguard is available at D. Renee Bagbys site. Leave a comment, please, if you read it!

Im busily working on part four of the series. This time the journey takes the couple to Peru.
Aside from writing Im busily preparing Christmas to celebrate with relatives and friends. And I wrote a short story about Ethan, Jazmin, and their neighbor, Tim. Enjoy!
And have a wonderful time!

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