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When people ask me how I started writing, I cannot truly tell how the story started or what made me write this story instead of another.

First, my way of writing is hardly influenced by daily news, international affairs or political background. Sometimes a movie or a TV series gives me a hint, a direction for my thoughts and dreams and I come up with an idea.

Yet, the idea alone is nothing without the proper male and female main character. So the idea grows into a storyline with at least two persons in mind. Those characters need looks and background, a family, home, people they like, work and business.

The fun part for me has always been brainstorming. I like to sit with a fellow friend and a cup of great coffee and chat about the ways the story should take and throw away those ideas which don’t fit. Often, we laugh our butts off about silly turns and twists, but in the end the basic story is born. And I can start to flesh out characters, scenes, settings and else. Many difficulties will show up during that process, but in general a solution is found. Yes, sometimes characters take a right turn when I wanted a left, but, hey, either I catch him in time or I follow him that way and see where he leads me. Usually, a character has his reasons leaving the main part of the story…

I am lucky enough to say that my fellow friend has always followed my train of thought, has never wavered and has never been shocked by the ideas I offered. She’s been constantly constructive, always honest and the most joyful partner in crime a woman like me can call a friend.

If you have questions about writing, contact me. I’ll be happy to answer them.

If you have questions, please, send me an email. ( )

Blog January 2014

Have a great New Year!
I hope that all of you started well and healthy into the New Year. And I also hope that your willful intents hold longer than a month. It’s always hard to break with old habits, but sometimes it’s necessary, for example when the old ones ruin your health.
I look forward to my next release, however it will be in June this year. Such a long wait! Nevertheless, I have the follow-up already finished and I’m busy writing on another novel. The new work in progress started differently from where I am with the plot now. I admit that in my eagerness to write, I omitted a straight line of writing at first. Now I have trimmed the plot, altered the main characters and the story flows much better. I try not to stick to words, sentences or even chapters while writing, not for the sake of having already written the scene. If it doesn’t work it has to go. Sometimes the plot needs another turn. Yes, I’m sometimes sorry for a good dialogue that doesn’t fit anymore. In this case I hope to have another idea when need occurs. It’s not always the right day to write funny or sexy scenes.
So my willful intent is to keep on writing and not fall off a horse too often. Oh, well…

Blog February and March 2014

A paper wrote last week that winter was an unreliable enemy because it disappeared without a trace, leaving the warm-loving people, who just sat cozily on their couches to enjoy a good book, back into nature to enjoy a very early spring. We have not recovered from the spare pounds we gained during the cold period, and now see the necessity to get back in shape way too early to be enjoyable!
I don’t want to complain about an early spring break and I love to be outdoors. However, it’s not bad to sit at the computer and write a scene while snow sparkles peacefully on the window sill and ensures me that being indoors is perfectly in order… When I sit down at my desk now, I wonder what else I could do in my garden or on horseback. The more I think about the other tasks I might fulfill, the fewer scenes come to my mind and I leave the computer with unfinished work to walk through my garden or saddle my horse for an hour in the forest.
The time for writing will come back, I’m sure. For now, I quietly close this blog and take a stroll through the mild air of a spring day. I might even need sunglasses…

Blog April 2014

Spring came with a great leap and did not go again. What fun! I’m not a winter’s person, I admit it, but, hey, who can vote against sunshine and warmth? I spend a lot of time in my garden and on horseback. Now that the forests turn green again, it’s even nicer to be outdoors. Other horse owners finally discover the beauty of rides through the forest so I’m not alone in my joy. It’s nice to be with friends, have a chat or simply enjoy the brightness of fresh green and the grace of deer.
Of course, those rides aren’t without a touch of adventure. I had not known until lately that my horse accepts large barges without being frightened and I had had no idea that even trains don’t trouble him. I was very proud on my gelding. He brings a lot of joy to my life.
My next novel will be published in June, 2014, and its second part will follow a month later. Both are science fiction stories with a touch of romance and erotic and plots that are as out of the ordinary as I am in my thinking…
Have a great springtime!

Blog May and June 2014

My latest erotic romance Project Recruitment will be released in mid-June by eXtasy Books. I loved writing this book. It was so easy, as if the words and plot were already stowed in my head and had simply be put to the keyboard to become alive. And since I loved the main characters so much I decided to give them a second chance in Emotion Riders which will be released in July. Both books are connected, but stand alone. Usually, I prefer the stories to be told in one part and say goodbye to the characters to have room for new ones, but in this case I just couldn’t let them go.
I understand why some authors write series and keep their characters through many stories. They are like family. You create them, you develop them, let them have family, friends, foes and all the rest that makes a life attractive and adventurous. If you don’t write you miss them.
On the other hand, having characters over a long time, you exclude the possibility of totally new characters to lead a story. You have new sidekicks or enemies in every story, but since the handful of main characters remain the changes are marginal. I wonder if the successful authors want to break out of this routine and maybe write under another name to enlarge their world of writing. I would.
Summer has come and fulfills the wishes we had in winter. I enjoy the growth of plants and flowers in my garden and I enjoy even more the hours I spend with my horse. It’s a gift to be outdoors so often and have fun.

Blog July 2014

I’m so happy to announce two recent releases.
Project Recruitment hit the virtual shelves on June 15th and was followed by Emotion Riders on July 15th, 2014, both available at

Both books feature the same characters and can be read in the order of appearance, but every book also stands alone.

The books were wonderful to write and my muse did her best to improve the story and help with the characters. What I think about my muse can be read on Lisabet’s great website She will publish an article and some excerpts from my latest books on August 27th.

And I can already announce some information about my books coming up with the 4th edition of SciFi Romance Quarterly.
It’s to be found here:

And there will be an interview on in August this year.

Besides being busy with the named features, I enjoy summertime. And, not to forget, I’m busy with writing a new story. However, another idea came up and I couldn’t stop taking down notes. From those notes it was a small step to write the introduction. Well, I admit that the introduction led to 10.000 words within a week, and no, this was no longer the intro, but the first chapters. By now the story has grown to more than 30.000 words, which means that the other project has to wait. Usually, I don’t interrupt an ongoing project, but this time the idea was too good to let it pass and my mood demanded for something different than the current story. I’m not an author to drop a story completely. I will finish the other one in good time, might it be this fall or winter. So there will be more stories coming up.

Blog August / September 2014

Summer ended way too soon on August 10th, so everybody told me. After a period of high temperatures, there was a thunderstorm with lots of rain and dropping temperatures. Summer has not recovered from this blow. The rain, though, was wonderful for everything growing in my garden. I’ve hardly ever had so many plums. And now apples and pears are ripe. Anyone with recipes of what to do with them? I’m out of ideas, really. I can only bake so much cake and I’m not a fan of pear jelly. This is just…eek.
Anyway, writing could be done while rain poured down my windows, which was a nice side effect of not being in the summertime anymore. I finished and polished my recent work Kisses and Chains and sent it to eXtasy Books for publication.
Additionally, there’s a guest blog on Lisabet Serai’s website this month. If you want to leave a comment, feel free! I’ve got a contest running for those, who leave me their opinion about my work and my muse.
Go to:

Cross your fingers that we’ll have a warm and pleasant fall.
It would be great to have more time outdoors and not sink in the rain.

Blog October / November 2014

Does anyone already carry around thoughts about the upcoming Christmas holidays? I know, I’m early, but, hey, the weeks fly by soo quickly, it’s hard to keep track! I knew that I wrote a blog in September and was determined to keep it monthly, but my real life took its toll and here I am. It’s November already!

I had a professional gardener to take care of my apple and plum trees in my garden. He did a great job, but, to my chagrin, he had to cut so much that there won’t be shadow next summer and the harvest will be small. The good news is that I will have all the fruits from now on because the trees do no longer grow too tall. There were a lot of saplings good for nothing and the gardener left a few to grow into branches that will be of use. The look of the trees is, I have to admit, strange.

Now that the cold time of the year has started, there is more time for writing ahead. I continued writing a novel that I started back in February (yes, a long time ago!), and re-read another to send it to eXtasy Books for publication. It will be released in February, 2015. To get rid of some thoughts I had, I wrote a shorter story, but I’m not yet sure if it’s worth publishing.

Do some of you have experience with free to read stories? How did you do it?

Have a great time, mostly relaxing before December gets to you with all its obligations.

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