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When people ask me how I started writing, I cannot truly tell how the story started or what made me write this story instead of another.

First, my way of writing is hardly influenced by daily news, international affairs or political background. Sometimes a movie or a TV series gives me a hint, a direction for my thoughts and dreams and I come up with an idea.

Yet, the idea alone is nothing without the proper male and female main character. So the idea grows into a storyline with at least two persons in mind. Those characters need looks and background, a family, home, people they like, work and business.

The fun part for me has always been brainstorming. I like to sit with a fellow friend and a cup of great coffee and chat about the ways the story should take and throw away those ideas which don’t fit. Often, we laugh our butts off about silly turns and twists, but in the end the basic story is born. And I can start to flesh out characters, scenes, settings and else. Many difficulties will show up during that process, but in general a solution is found. Yes, sometimes characters take a right turn when I wanted a left, but, hey, either I catch him in time or I follow him that way and see where he leads me. Usually, a character has his reasons leaving the main part of the story…

I am lucky enough to say that my fellow friend has always followed my train of thought, has never wavered and has never been shocked by the ideas I offered. She’s been constantly constructive, always honest and the most joyful partner in crime a woman like me can call a friend.

If you have questions about writing, contact me. I’ll be happy to answer them.

If you have questions, please, send me an email. ( )

Blog January 2013

Happy New Year to all of you!

My muse has been a wonderful person the last weeks. I finished two stories and right now work on a third. The ideas just came to me and since it’s winter I’ve got more time to write. Yes, it’s great, too, to be outdoors and I spend time on horseback, but after returning home or when the weather’s too muddy or two icy to do anything outdoors, I sit at my desk and write.

My friend, who moved to the Isle of Tenerife in August last year, reports that she does well. She found a job, her husband works via internet, and her kids learn Spanish faster than she does. Hopefully, she will even get a better job this year and secure the family income with appearances in TV shows and in hotels on the island and back in her old home.

Summing up, I look forward to the new year and hope that it will be prosperous and free of trouble. Make the best out of it!

Blog February 2013

A new novel will be published this month – How to Please an Alien – and I’m really excited. The idea jumped at me at night and it took me only a few weeks to write it down. It was so much fun. Of course, while writing this story and the next one, many other things got dropped to the side for the time. But, hey, what’s life for if you don’t have fun from time to time?

Meanwhile, I caught up with my daily life and got organized again. Strangely, family life and routine went well without me interfering. I guess, my kids are growing up.

And I wrote a book with a sequel because the second plot announced itself while writing the first book. This was fun, too. The books wait for a final edit from my side, but that will take more time than the actual process of writing.

Winter’s still here. Riding in the snow is very entertaining, though you need to dress really, really warm clothes. I found new friends at a riding club ten miles from my home and enjoy coming to know more riders with the same interests. Riding outdoors cannot be done with every horse, but I found one that is tough enough to stand wanderers, dogs and a deer from time to time. Last week we also watched a small horde of wild boar crossing our way. That was the moment the horses wanted to turn tail. At last, we coaxed them into waiting until the animals had crashed through the undergrowth. Let’s say, the horses were very careful after that encounter…

Blog March 2013

Real life takes some strange turns sometimes. Im not always fond of changes. I like my life to run smoothly. However, this time Im very happy. I finally fulfilled a dream I had for years and bought a horse to ride.

Ive been on horseback for years, but never truly thought about buying one. Its a question of money, time and responsibility you dont take up lightly. Right now, after having bought it and looking at it standing on a paddock, Im so happy I could bust.

Writing will slow down these weeks. Though Im usually quite fast while I got a story running, I will hang back with a half-written plot and characters I like and think about. Yet, as it is with everything new, I give myself the time to enjoy the horse to the fullest. Maybe within a year, all events will become routine. Right now, just the thought of driving out of the city to have an hour on horseback makes me smile.

I wish all of you happy moments with your hobbies. Cherish the time!

Blog April 2013

Im very happy that my latest novel Lovers in the Wood will be released on April 15th. I so loved to write that book! For all the scenes and the development I thought that the words just flowed. Every day when I had the time, I dived into the strange forest with its strange animals and dark surroundings. Being in another time and place made it easier to stand real life for a while.

Additionally, my new companion lights up my life. The horse I bought fulfills all expectations I had. Hes gentle, hes friendly, and easy to ride. To spend time with the horse means to cut time for other hobbies, at least for a while. And now that the weather is slowly improving, I like to be outdoors. Writing stories will be postponed for the summer to come.

There are two more novels standing in line to be read one last time. After that they will be send to eXtasy Books. I assume, publishing date will be placed in fall.

Have a great spring!

Blog May 2013

With the air getting warmer there is no time to stay indoors. Either I spend my time in the garden or on horseback. Last Thursday, my friend and I planned a long ride through the forest before noon because weather forecast told us it would rain in the afternoon. However, when we got the horses saddled, the rain started five hours early! We waited until it was down to a drizzle and decided that we are not made of silk and satin. So we rode for two hours. It was wonderful! Due to the moisture in the air, the scents of the fresh leaves and the bark of the trees were intense. There were no other riders or wanderers around. All sounds were muffled due to the thick bed of old leaves and sand. Only the tinkling of the bridles was to be heard and above us the singing of the birds.

I admit that I lost my sense of time. I would have ridden through for hours for finally the sun came out and touched the tree tops in sparkling green. We watched a fox and two hares close to a meadow and they only left their trails when we got too close.

During a fast trot, my horse decided that every branch along the way could be used for jumping so it jumped. The happiness of the horse came right through me. My, I am glad that I bought this gelding! It’s so much fun to explore the woods with it.

Blog July / August 2013

Forgive my silence, please, but the summer caught me and there was and still is so much to do outdoors that I hardly sit down at my desk to write. Honestly, writing comes last when warmth and sunshine rule. I read a lot these days – old books and new ones, own manuscripts that need polishing – but I don’t want to sit down, not even in the evening, and create new scenes. If rain rushes down, I tend to take a ride because it’s warm and wonderful outdoors and the horseflies are gone, at least for a while.
There are two novels waiting in line to get finished or re-read. I don’t send a work to my publishers if it’s not thoroughly re-read and corrected. Sometimes a finished book sits on my virtual desk for three months before I take the time to read it again, change words and scenes and decide if the scenes are essentially necessary to keep the story going. I don’t like to delete scenes, but, honestly, not every small talk or funny idea has to remain in the final work. Yes, I know, some scenes carry the characters on and those are allowed to stay. However, in the rush of writing, the scenes looks fine, but in the finished book it might be superfluous.

I will try to put writing first when it gets colder, promised. Now, I’m off for another day out in the sunshine. You never know how long the summer will last.

Blog September 2013

I don’t exaggerate if I say that I haven’t spent so much time outdoors in long years. While writing is a hobby that is mostly done indoors, my horse can only be ridden outdoors. And, hey, isn’t that wonderful? I watched sunrises and sunsets, I met hares and rare birds on my rides. Yes, all these impressions will find their way into my writing. I feel like a sponge when I pass through forest and meadow and hope to preserve the feelings the surroundings trigger in me. Maybe the next novel will take the heroes through another thick forest, let them stand adventures with wild turkeys and aggressive deer that only wait to attack.

You don’t believe me? My imagination is already on its way. :-)

Blog October 2013

I signed a contract with eXtasy Books for my latest erotic romance novel and hope that readers will like it as much as I liked writing it. The story was created within a few days and written in weeks. Though I usually write with pauses, this book almost wrote itself. The characters are there to be loved which lead to a second novel with the same protagonists in another surrounding. I dived into the atmosphere and wished the story to never end, but, alas, it did. Maybe – and if ideas come around – I might be tempted to have a third book written with all of them. Cross your fingers that I find a good and fitting story.
In real life, I spent a lot of time with my horse, thus cutting my time for writing just a tiny bit. Friends urge me to write a story dealing with horses, but it’s not my main interest. I like to ride and to play with the gelding, but making him a character of a novel does not meet my intentions when writing a book.
These days, writing through the woods is a marvel.
Indian Summer… I love this time of year.

Blog November 2013

The trouble with a work in progress starts the moment in which you stop writing.
In January, I started a new novel. Fresh ideas, new characters, a good and flowing story. Then springtime came and I had less time to write. I worked hours more than planned and my daily life took some turns I had not expected. Consequently, the new story came to a full stop. It was a pity because I knew exactly how to go on. I took notes on my nightstand piece of paper and added them to a list I keep for every WIP. Some ideas were good and would be used, some I dropped. The heck was that still I had no time. Summer came and went. I tried to recapture the spirit in which I started. This meant to reread the whole plot, make some changes and get into the mood.
I was fine for some weeks. The story grew again. My muse and I spoke about the last third to write, but, alas, I had to stop again. I’m happy that all stories, even the notes, are on PC these days and easy to send everywhere. When I found some spare hours, I wrote on.
It’s November now. I’m close to the end, maybe twenty or thirty pages still to write. I will put the finished work aside and pull it back on screen in three or four months to thoroughly check contents and development. It’s the first novel in eight years that suffers so many writing breaks. I’m someone who cannot start a new story with another, still unfinished one, waiting in line. So I hope that after Christmas this still hanging story will have the words “The End” and leave me to create a new plot with other characters and move on.
Have a happy pre-Christmas time!

Blog December 2013

Looking forward to Christmas, as every year.
There is a great trade show on this weekend, and I hope to buy some new stuff for my horse. I know, riders always have much too much stuff for their animals. I try to restrict my shopping to items I really need, such as halters (you can never have enough of them), saddle pads and other, very important things. Done with shopping, I’ll show the horse how classy he will look with all this. Of course, his sole interest will lie with the carrots in my jacket pocket…
To all of you, have a wonderful Christmas time. Don’t let other people stress you or tell you what you still have to do (like cleaning the whole house – that’s really not necessary), but lean back and enjoy. That’s the gift you can make yourself and it won’t cost you anything (aside from shutting your ears to those, who demand that you have to run and work!)
Until next year !

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