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BLOG 2011

Blog December 2010 / January 2011

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you!

I definitely mean it. If you look back on 2010, try to see the most beautiful and the most moving moments and put aside what made you angry or sad. Its a strategy to live by, promised. If you only reflect on what went wrong, you end up with sadness and wrinkles (no good at all). If you recall the happiness of just a single moment, you can linger on it for a while, smile and stow it for a rainy day. Then pull it out again under the load of misfortunes and grumpiness and have a smile or two.

We cannot choose of what life dishes out at us. We have to handle it the way it comes. Sometimes it throws us down, sometimes it lightens up our lives and we smile broadly. Keep in mind that those who left you in 2010 still sit on their clouds and look down upon you. They dont want you to be sad and think of loss. They want you to look forward and remember them the way they were.

In loving memory of two grand ladies. I miss you. We had a great time together and Ill keep that in mind for a lifetime.

Blog February / March 2011

Is writing still my hobby?

For me, a hobby is a way to pass time because I enjoy it very much. I do it for me. I do it because it makes me feel good.

Writing is a form of expressing myself. I dont sit brooding at my table to come up with ideas. They either jump me or they dont; I have no influence on them. If they dont enter my mind and scream for action, I turn away and do something else with my time. Theres more than just writing, still. Theres riding, reading, and so much more. When the time is right and the ideas call for attention, I return to my table so I can enjoy the process of writing as well as the outcome.

So, yes, its still a hobby though I admit that earning money with the only help of imagination is fascinating.

Blog April 2011

With spring on its way, time grows short to write stories. I really think about taking my notebook into the garden though I know that working outdoors hardly includes typing. Yes, I know, that doesnt sound productive. Maybe I can change that once the notebook just sits there and winks at me.

I promise to give it a try.

In the meantime, my latest project has grown to more than fifty pages. If I want to keep it shorter than my former novels, I really have to put a break on all the plot twists that came up while talking with my muse.

So heres the question: How do you as authors keep a tight lit on your stories? How do you avoid getting distracted?

Blog May / June 2011

The authors reoccurring problem every sunny season you want to write, but the temptation to work outdoors is too strong. All attempts at writing fail. So far, there have simply been too few rainy days.

Not that I complain. However, the summer ahead presents another problem: What shall I wear? There are several skirts, dresses and more pairs of shoes in the cupboard than needed, but still…

Like many others, I sacrificed being outdoors to going shopping. That sounds like a lot of fun and excitement, but after the tenth shop with nothing for me either the dress didnt come in a color that fit me or the shoes were not available in my size I stood at my car, more than just slightly frustrated.

At home, the important questions were: Did I really spend all the time for nothing? Shall I return to my garden to mow the lawn and take care of my tomatoes? Has anything happened during these fruitless hours that could be used in an upcoming novel?

Does it look like rain??

Anyway, last year I didnt go naked in summer and the shoes might not be latest fashion, but they are comfortable.

Maybe there is some time left to write one or two pages.

Hey, clouds are gathering and it starts to rain! Now, please, let my computer run smoothly.

Blog August 2011

Lately, a German ex-politician was badly reviewed by newspapers for using a quote from Goebbels by saying „Do you want total war? Reporters flamed him, accusations went high.
Now, I
m sure the ex-politician knew where the quote came from (hes old enough to have lived through those dark years), and Im also sure he used it to shake up the confronting parties in a conflict he wanted to soothe. He wanted to tell them to get back to reason and not enforce the differences.
The hype made me think about quotes and about plagiarism.

We are very concerned about quotes and not to step on other peoples toes by using them. Or even worse, we might accidentally use a sentence that a corporation has a copyright on. That might cause mega trouble! Corporations have their logos and artificial words copyrighted, but why is it possible to include simple sentences? Do I commit a copyright crime if I say I love it! and mean a nice little cat?
In my opinion, we go too far when it comes to copyright infringement. There has to be a clear line of what is allowed and what not.

Am I still allowed to say, Guess, whos coming to dinner? though its a famous movie title? Am I allowed to include my own situation and use quotes under different circumstances?

I would like to write my novels if they play in our time without checking websites to make sure I dont commit a crime by using this sentence or another. I like my work as an author to be fun and nothing else and I like to boldly go where no man… ouch, wrong words.

Blog September 2011

I started writing my diary again.

Long ago and I mean really long ago I used to write into my trusted diary every day. It was not only my companion for reporting the days routine, but to sort out my ideas, my problems and how to deal with what life dished out. I always had the feeling that my thoughts were more organized after putting them down on paper.

Within the last ten years, I wrote sparsely, then stopped. E-Mails replaced the daily reports, exchange with friends got more important. Having a husband to sort out problems made a diary superfluous.

Why I started again?

My daughters development with all the little problems during her teenage years made me think of my own young years and suddenly I felt the need to write about the events she told me; about the problems she takes to me for help; about the happy moments she shares with me. Maybe its not a diary prior about me, but about familiy life.

Its good to have my old book back again.

Blog October / November 2011

These weeks, the weather has been so marvellous, I was happy to be outdoors every moment I didnt have to work. I enjoyed my garden and I rode through the red-colored forest almost twice a week. I felt like breathing in a whole new world that was as soothing as it was exciting. When I looked up through the sunlit roof of branches and softly swinging leaves, I smiled and relaxed.

I have to admit that I feel guilty at least a bit. I omitted my housework, I delayed meetings and I took excuses to get away from my duties. I even left my writing alone just to be outdoors with my horse. Thats, on one hand, something I shouldnt do. On the other hand, I thought about the many days of rainfall, snow and storms that will happen during the rest of fall and winter, days, on which I wont enjoy the gifts of nature as much as I did now.

Maybe I postpone feeling guilty and be happy with the sunshine now.

Blog December 2011

Its close to the end of the year.

Do you belong to those people who say, Hey, I cant imagine the years already over!
Do you have the feeling that the days and months ran like sand through your fingers and that there is so much still left to do?

Maybe you dont want to hear it, but congratulations from my side. You belong to a group of people who is occupied, working hard and keeping all strings together. You manage business and, maybe, a family and you hardly tire. You dont sit back while there is work to do and you are the one your family members and colleagues come to when in need of a good answer and a solution to very different problems.

I hope that all of your friends, kids, husbands and colleagues cherish your enthusiasm and effort. I hope they thank you at Christmas with special gifts so that you find the strength to carry on.

Heres to all of the authors and readers who enjoy their lives even though days are short and a month runs by without much time to relax. Think of your efforts as an investment into a better future.

Have a great Christmas time!

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