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BLOG 2010

Blog January 2010

Welcome to a new year!

My latest trilogy, Living for the Act, is now completely available at eXtasy books. I cant express how happy I am to have this large work published. It was a project of heart and it grew faster than I had thought it would. My muse wondered about the rapid progress, but it was such fun to create and develop the different characters that I couldnt stop writing.
In this case, I had no point at which I didnt know how to continue. My only stop sign consisted of the demands of my real life.
So if you read this book, I hope youll have as much fun as I had writing it.

An interview about the third part of the book and my way of writing can be found at The Romance Studio as feature of the month. Check out here !

If you have questions, please, send me an email. ( )

Blog February 2010

The longest winter ever. More snow and ice and more slippery roads and Im sure Im gonna puke just when I step out of my house. I cant deny theres beauty in all of this, but if I had the impression it is beautiful it was gone the moment I and many others started falling on icy roads or needed hours to get the car started. Additionally, many home owners dont see the necessity to clear the sidewalks so that people can walk safely. Hospitals report more than double as much accidents than last winter. Thats neither normal nor fair. Imagine, during the Berlin Film Festival all places around the theatres where the movie stars walked on high heels, the streets were cleared of ice and snow. Would someone please tell me why a usual citizen cannot demand the same circumspection as a star who visits the city for a few flitting hours?

To all of you come safely through the winter!

Blog March 2010

Its not always like that. Its not always a stressful, highly hectic week at which end you collapse on the couch and feel empty. Some weeks test you with much work, a car accident, a fight with a colleague and then, finally, when you want to cross out the days, theres the happy surprise a review from someone who read and loved your book. Hey, you think, I got lucky this week! Forget about the bad happenings; just enjoy that moment you realize that you havent written stuff that nobody wants to bother about, but a novel that is enjoyed.

Living for the Act got three outstanding reviews from Delenn at Night Owl Review.

My month started great. How about yours?

Blog April / May 2010

There is that strange development every spring that I cannot evade or alter. While its getting warmer by the day, my best intentions to write a scene crumble by the wish to be outdoors. Though I hope for every evening to take the time and sit down at my desk, I find it hard to put action to these ambitions. When I get home, garden work done, reading done, I stare at my computer and it stares back, waiting for me, signaling me that its there and ready. But I am not.

Spring and summer are made for working in the garden, for long bike tours and walks in the sun. Its ideal for reading with a good cup of coffee at hand while sitting on a large swing. Maybe you think that a notebook is a fine electronic tool to take work outside, but Im old-fashioned. I take some sheets of paper and a pencil with me to take down notes whenever my muse hits me. I dont want to squint at a monitor to read words reflected with sunlight or live in fear of that fine but sensitive piece of equipment to collapse due to heat. My pencil never let me down!

So imagine me sitting on a swing, coffee right, cookies left, books all over the place and me as a happy camper, not really waiting for winter to come.

Have wonderful weekends with great weather!

Blog June 2010

What could be better than looking forward to new projects? Its always a good feeling to work on a new book or try out new sports. I appreciate that I still find time to write books and that for more than two years by now Ive got the possibility to publish them.

In August this year, my latest work No Fool will be published by eXtasy Books. Like the books before, it was created with the help and the incomparably great ideas of my best friend. We put together the story of an agent who has to work undercover and finds out that theres more to it than just creating a fitting cover story and proceed. Theres love in it, adventure, excitement, and some twists here and there you might not expect.

As for my second hobby (aside from my family and all the adventures taking place there!), Ive been riding for five years by now. Thats worth an anniversary celebration! Even after some not-so-free jumps off the horse, I still fee great about riding, especially through forests and over hills in springtime. I dont like the indoor season (though riding techniques are necessary, I agree), Im an outdoor type of rider. Being on horseback gives me the feeling of being free of all sorrows for a while.

And after that its back to the desk and computer. New ideas are waiting...

Blog July 2010

Vacation time is ahead. The year so far was long and hard, and though I dont work full time, I feel as if I did. I need this vacation and look forward to weeks filled with laughter with my husband and kids, some riding adventures, some great views over the mountains and many other things I cant imagine right now.

Writing comes to a halt during these weeks. I take my trustworthy notebook with me and in the evening, some ideas might come to my mind, but whatever had been started before has to wait for its completion until Im back home.

I wish you all a wonderful summertime. Enjoy it to the fullest!

Blog August 2010

Hope you all got back from your journeys savely and without complains about airplane delays and missing luggage.

My familys vacation was great. We spent so many hours on horseback, its a small wonder that I need some days off now. <g> The horses were young and lively, the tours splendid and spiced with some small adventures like riding through underbrush in the forests when the pathways were too wet and slippery. It had rained much during these weeks, but the weather was great for riding since you had less insects paining you and the horses.

No Fool made a good start. Did you check the cover of the book? Its a work by Angela Waters and I like it very much. It catches the spirit of the plot quite nicely!

Blog Sepbtember / October 2010

Last week, while my car was out of order, I drove a big limousine. The advantage was not only in the stylish form and luxurious interior, but also in the high quality navigation system. It had a function I hadnt seen before, called Where am I? After a good laugh, I understood that it was a GPS-finder. So if I got lost, the navigation system would be able to tell me my exact location (satellite data permitting).

I wished sometimes that the institution of Life had the same button I could push to tell me where I am at the moment. The year has been rough so far and I feel like tumbling up and down alleys I walked pretty easily before. Every time I hope to come to a standstill, I get a push and have to move on. I try hard to get back into the motion I had before and find that I have to re-think my position about life in general. Its unpredictable and that slogan of the long and winding road of life sounds too easy right now. I tell my kids to cherish life more each day. You never know what happens around the next corner.

So if you drive that big limousine and touch the screen searching for the navigation system, think of me when you ask, Where am I?

Blog November 2010

Do you know that feeling to finally get what you wanted to get? You waited, searched and hoped for long years and then, when you dont dare to hope anymore, the event takes place and you stand there gaping.

There were two such events this year that Im grateful for. First, I published a German science fiction novel with a publishing house that didnt want my money but even paid me for publishing my work. Right now, they arranged as much advertisement as they can manage to bring the work to the readers. They will also present the book on the next book fairs this month and next spring. Second, I found an Andalusian gelding for riding and for the first time in my life, I had that feeling of freedom to gallop through forests without someone in front of me telling me where to go and how fast to go. Its completely my decision now and Im immensely grateful to the owner that she trusts me with her horse.

With such good things to enjoy, I cross my fingers for all of you who feel sad or stressed right now that you, too, will live through brilliant moments in the near future.

Blog December 2010 / January 2011

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of you!

I definitely mean it. If you look back on 2010, try to see the most beautiful and the most moving moments and put aside what made you angry or sad. Its a strategy to live by, promised. If you only reflect on what went wrong, you end up with sadness and wrinkles (no good at all). If you recall the happiness of just a single moment, you can linger on it for a while, smile and stow it for a rainy day. Then pull it out again under the load of misfortunes and grumpiness and have a smile or two.

We cannot choose of what life dishes out at us. We have to handle it the way it comes. Sometimes it throws us down, sometimes it lightens up our lives and we smile broadly. Keep in mind that those who left you in 2010 still sit on their clouds and look down upon you. They dont want you to be sad and think of loss. They want you to look forward and remember them the way they were.

In loving memory of two grand ladies. I miss you. We had a great time together and Ill keep that in mind for a lifetime.

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