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BLOG 2009

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Happy New Year!

2008 has passed and brought a lot of changes. Maybe you wondered where I was gone the whole time. Real life demanded quite a lot of me, and I needed time to settle things. Writing went on, and eXtasy will publish my latest, rather short story Spice for Your Life within the next month. I also tried to publish a printed book (in German), but this was harder than I thought. Finally, a publishing house agreed, but I have to contribute quite a sum of money to keep the project going. Im not sure yet if it is the right decision although Im convinced the story is worth to be read.

In my opinion, it is much easier to be an author than a business woman! There is so much to consider and so many decisions to be made. Its much more fun to sit at the keyboard and create new plots and refine dialogues than to think about publishing houses, income tax and advertisement campaigns.

Agreed, it was satisfying to read for an audience three weeks ago. After the first nervous lines I forgot about the people in the room and just read the way I wanted to read. The audience was great. There were many questions afterwards and I was glad to answer them. Many wondered how I manage to work, run a household with kids and still find time to write. Well, if no major catastrophes happen, everything is possible…

I hope you will enjoy my latest story or find time to read Freedom in Chains, which is also available via eXtasy Books. One more, very long novel is to come in 2009, but the release date is still unknown.

Have a great year 2009!

If you have questions, please, send me an email. ( )

Blog March 2009

While I could write novels in a row, the publishing house wont release the latest book within the next weeks.

That grants me time to renew my efforts to find a publisher for my German books. I tried the next step and made contact with literacy agents to help get the books ready for the German book market.

As I know, having agents to connect with publishers is well used within the US and Canada. If youve got tips, hints and help for me to separate bad agents from good ones, I would like to know your opinion.

Please, use the contact address to email me. Thanks!

Blog April 2009

Happy Easter to all of you!

While the days were short and everyone wished to escape snow and cold, we dreamed of spring. Dreamed of warm winds, sunshine and the joys of being outdoors. Now that spring has arrived, all activities we did in our homes are postponed for rainy days. Its so wonderful to stay outside and work in the garden. Its the days to start again, to try yourself out and be happy with the results. To get a tan is a nice side effect…

Consequently, works and hobbies done indoors, get postponed to another rainy day. I tried to finish a novel, but found that I couldnt concentrate in the evening. I could write sitting in my garden, but its not the same. I could take out a notebook and try that, but, hey, if its warm and sunny, I want to plant flowers and mow the lawn. Yep, thats true.

So the hours of polishing my last work are gone and the novel will rest for the summer. Hopefully, Living for the Act will be published some time this year. Until then, writing is reduced to some scribbled notes here and there, ideas and sentences to be used in the next story.

I hope all of you spend a wonderful Easter Holiday and have a great start into spring!

Please, use the contact address to email me. Thanks!

Blog May 2009

Please, use the contact address to email me. Thanks!Summer is about to come, but today thunderstorm and heavy rains ruined the fun of being outdoors. So, while being indoors I re-read some old stories, re-wrote what I found too short (or rather too long) and thought of another plot for a new novel.

These days I write on a fantasy novel. The plots fine, still the characters seem somewhat awkward as if they have not yet com to life. Do you experience the same while writing or as a reader would you like to tell an author some day that he/she should have taken more time to develop characters and backgrounds?

I find it fascinating to exchange experience with writers as well as readers. Please, let me know your opinion.

Blog June 2009

Sometimes imagination gets the best of me, but I cant find the right story to use it. There are bits and pieces and even quotes to use and I write them all down for later consideration.

Summer is a hard time to write so I lean back and read or edit one of my older stories. Its quite effective to leave a story alone for some months and then come back to edit. Its amazing how many errors and typos can be found when you look at your work with fresh eyes! I dont send a story to a publishing house without that second, closer look.

How do you work during summertime? And do you re-read your own work or hand it to a friend to have a closer look?

Anyway, have nice days in the sun!!


Blog July 2009

Do you like cats? Big cats? Those who jump on your lap when you least expect it and demand their daily amount of fondling even though you try to explain that you got no time? Right, we got these kind of cats. Tomcats, to be precise, for males are easier to handle than females (gee, tell me something new, I know.). Last week we had guests, and though the cats didnt know them they made quite a fuss to be regarded and praised for their appearance (yes, cats know when you speak about them!) and finally took a rest on the guests laps.

Later, we learned that our guests toured the internet for pictures to send them to their friends, advertising the Main Coon to be so gentle and lovable you need at least two to warm you on cold winter nights. I can add that they are also great when you feel bad (they definitely stay until you feel better, no matter how much you cry and wet their fur) and are reliable playing partners for toddlers. They dont even twitch when grabbed hard. We got one who instantly drops to the floor the moment a child enters our apartment.

If youre looking for a nice animal at home, check out your nearest Main Coon breeder…

Blog August 2009

As you know, riding is one of my favorite hobbies (comes directly after my family and writing…) so we spent this years summer vacation in Bavaria to ride Andalusian horses.

If you are a rider and have been around a bit, you know how different stables are handled and how potential clients are shocked if the horses are unruly and shy away from cars, motorcycles and other vehicles. Some even jump when they hear a bird picking in the bushes! Dont laugh Ive seen it all before.

This time, it was very surprising to ride a horse that a) didnt shy away even if monstrous trucks came along, b) found its way on every terrain, and c) was gentle and willing throughout the weeks that I rode it.

If I say every terrain I mean it. Within the Bavarian Forest, theres no straight way. Going through the woods, youll climb up and down with your horse on pathways you would usually avoid as a wanderer. The horses know exactly where to put their hooves and take you from A to B so surefooted you are amazed. Well, I was! After the first tour, I was able to relax on horseback and just relish the way the horse walked, trotted and galloped while I still had a smile on my face.

Im sure youre not surprised when I tell you that we already booked for the next summer. I cant wait to get back there.

If you want to have a wonderful vacation on horseback and travel the south of Germany, send me and email and Ill give you the link.

Blog September 2009

Since summer is slowly leaving, Im back at my computer, checking what I wrote in spring and trying to get the feeling back. Its odd. During the cold days, I can hardly think of anything else than the latest plot (RL allowing…), but in the summertime I hardly write a line. I work on plots, yes, and sometimes I come up with a new idea, but all of this has to wait for fall to be used.

What about your way of writing? Do you write throughout the year? Or do you have times when your fingers fly over the keyboard and others when you search for the right words? Let me know and Ill put your comments on my blog. Write to

Blog October 2009

With some friends I went to see the Stallion Parade at Neustadt. Every year the breeders of Hannovarian, Holstein and German Sportshorse present their stallions and breeding mares to gain customers and show the country the results of fine breeding. Its always a great show and this year we were also lucky with the weather. Temperatures in the upper 70ies and lots of sunshine we got home with a sun tan!

Additionally, the region is very attractive for tourists, not only those who love to be on horseback. Brandenburg has got very few inhabitants, but the beauty of the landscape in unrivalled. If you find time, take a walk through painted woods in fall or come in spring and enjoy the first glimpse of fresh green on endless alleys. Its worth the time.

Blog November 2009

The feedback on my interview on Whispers of the Muse ( was great. Thanks a lot for all of your comments! Im happy that some authors and readers know me better now.

Together with the interview, two larger excerpts of my latest release Living for the Act were published. If you havent checked out yet theres still time. Part Three of the book will be released in January 2010.

Theres also some other news. I sent my latest work to eXtasy books for publication. Cross your fingers that it will be accepted.

Blog December 2009

A wonderful Christmas time!

Suddenly and unexpected, Christmas comes along and we stand there, goggling at the windows of the shopping malls and wonder how the year can have passed so fast without us noticing it. There are few who already knew that the day to put gifts under the tree would come, inevitably, but for the majority the hassle to find fitting gifts for relatives, loved ones and good friends just started.

Yes, there are those very few who claim to have them all stored since September, but, honestly: Those are people who have nothing else to do, right? All the others make a run for shopping malls and gift shops until the centers close for the holidays.

But let us lean back for a moment and think about the weeks before Christmas. Is it necessary to buy everything on the very last moment? True, no one goes shopping every week. However, when I see something and think, Hey, that would be great for my girlfriend! I take it home, even if its just September. Okay, if I dont find those goodies on time because I store my stuff secretly I face a stress of a very different kind…

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