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BLOG 2008

Blog 04/08

Ideas jump at the most unfitting moments. Under the shower, on the way to work, late in the evening when youre hardly able to keep your eyes open. Yet, if you dont write them down immediately they might just chuckle and slip your mind. The only way to avoid rummaging your brain for ideas lost is to have a notebook handy. I dont know how many times Ive drawn attention to me in a train or at a bus stop taking out my trustworthy little notebook to scribble down ideas or even whole conversations to avoid losing them in the hassle of the day.

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Blog 05/08

A fellow friend is worth more than ten newspaper critics. Im not a lonesome writer, who broods over ideas and storylines and shows up with the finished project. If an idea jumps my mind, I take it to my best friend for scrutiny. I dont need a storyline at that moment. An idea or a scene will suffice for the first chat in the morning. A base is all we need to go on and create a new world, new characters and a story thats worth telling. Shes the logical person who picks apart my fancy ideas with the simple saying that it just wouldnt work this way or that way. In the process, characters build up, get a background and a reason to be in the story. Supportive characters show up and get their parts to do. For Freedom in Chains Oliver became more than just a neighbor who shows up from time to time. In the end, he became a confidante to guide Kyra in her struggle of feelings.

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Blog 06/08

I was asked if I had persons in mind while I write.

The answer is yes. At least one character preferably the leading male has a face before I write the first line. Other characters dont need a face, but sometimes get it during the writing process, i.e. when I watch a movie and see an actor on screen, who fits the description I wrote. I dont write a plot on the base of an actors face, but sometimes you cant avoid influence. In a Sci-fi novel I wrote, I had a female character, who in a scene on a spaceship stretches her long legs and crosses the ankles. It was the gesture which reminded me of Lara Croft in the first Tomb Raider movie (the scene at the auction) and from that moment on I saw Angelina Jolie. Silly, but true since the character wasnt supposed to be beautiful…

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Blog 07/08

Happenings around me influence my writing, no doubt, and the experience of life gives its two cents as well. While writing, the author doesnt only create a world, he lets the people live in it. They have attitude, they have reason, they have their experiences which led to how they react to certain events in their lives. I always try to round a person up and make his/her actions believable. Yes, every character runs through changes in life, but even those changes need to be based on events. No one turns from a pacifist to a type armed up to his teeth without a profound incident that changes his view to the world.

And yet, if the main character doesnt develop during the plot, hes kind of lost. A critic once summed up a novel by saying, the main character wants to get something in the process and either he gets it or doesnt. I think, its a harsh summary. Sometimes the character starts out with being happy in life and wouldnt change a thing if it wasnt for events coming up to him and forcing him to deal with them.

Whats your opinion? Please, let me know.

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