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Writing… Thats one of the hobbies that has never left me, never stopped entertaining me and will, hopefully, never end to be exciting and new every time.

However, the way to become a published author took time and, yes, courage. Its the decision to be brave enough to be judged by professionals if your writing is worth to be printed. The jump into cold water was rewarded by my first contract with eXtasy books in July, 2007.

Freedom in Chains was published on February, 1st, 2008.

The second novel, also a SciFi story touched with romance and BDSM, is also contracted by eXtasy books. Since its a long novel, the chief editor of the publishing house suggested to release it in three parts. The first ones now available, the other two will follow in fall and winter of 2009.

Im beyond 40, live with my family in Germany, full time working mother and wife, and live a really blessed and happy life. Maybe thats the reason and the roots to writing nice… and partly not so nice books.


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